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Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

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On the Hunt for Reliable Industrial Backpack Vacuum Cleaners?

Big Clean has got you covered. Running a business is time-consuming, so you need a commercial vacuum cleaner that is light, powerful and easy to use. Big Clean stocks a wide range of these products as part of a collection that has been streamlined to make your job easier, with personalised and simplified delivery and collection services so you can access the cleaning supplies you need when you need them!

Our industrial backpack vacuum is the choice of many cleaning contractors out there for their toughest jobs. Our sterilising chemicals are favoured by many hospitals and clinics. Our bins and bags are perfect for clean-ups at closing time for many bars and restaurants. That's just some of the industries we serve; others include schools, nursing homes, food manufacturing, hotels, supermarkets, and more.

You can visit our online store and browse our full range of industrial backpack vacuum cleaners or drop by our store and discuss your exact requirements with one of our talented team members, who will be able to guide and demonstrate where necessary. With quick refunds and easy replacements, there's nothing to lose! So, why not get in touch today and simplify your cleaning system? Top-tier products are just a few clicks away. Read More

Why Buy Your Backpack Industrial Vacuum from a Wholesale Provider? 

Wholesale matters more in sanitation and hygiene than most other industries. Why is it better to buy from a business that specialises in selling to other businesses? Simply put, our products pack more of a punch. Professional spaces must adhere to health & safety regulations, which means they have to be cleaner than the average home. Most professional settings also need stronger chemicals and sturdier supplies because they see bigger messes. We guarantee that your home's kitchen has never looked as messy as a restaurant kitchen on a busy weekend night. Widely available cleaning products often aren't designed to tackle messes like those, so you need a specialist to find something stronger. We have a huge selection of commercial vacuum cleaners ncluding bagless vacuums and wet & dry vacuums.

As a wholesale provider, we also know a lot about making cleaning more efficient. We don't just make our products stronger; we also design our machines and supplies to make the job faster. With a bagless backpack vacuum cleaner, you can cut the time it takes to vacuum a place in half, if not more. Our vacuums are light, convenient, and easy to use, so you're not wasting any time lugging around a cumbersome mess on the ground behind you. In other words, when you buy a backpack vacuum cleaner from us, you can expect a higher standard of cleanliness alongside a faster job overall. 

Get Your Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Backpack Quickly 

In fact, get anything you order from us quickly. We deliver across NSW. We also offer Click & Collect for customers who find getting to our store much more convenient. If you do come to collect your order, we have trolleys to make carrying heavy orders to your car easier. 

You can also demo your products before buying them! You can arrange for a demo by reaching out to us. We can hold the demo for you either in our store or at your own preferred location for convenience. That way, you know what you're buying and how it will work before committing to it. 

For any enquiries, you can reach out to us with the enquiry form under Contact Us via our website.
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