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Commercial Vacuum Machine

Backpack, walk-behind, and upright - we have a wide range of commercial vacuums for professional cleaners, tradespeople, and for daily workplace use. 

Our select range of reliable machines ranges from the easy-to-use and easy-to-manoeuvre, to the high-performance vacuums, scrubbers, and dryers designed for large commercial spaces. 

You will find that these machines are built to last, offering reliable service, even when heavy demands are placed on them. These vacuum machines are also easy to service. Simple, regular care and maintenance will keep them running smoothly, while our comprehensive service and spare parts operation supports your business with a range of repairs. 

You will also find quality refurbished machines available from Big Clean. These machines have been thoroughly tested and come with generous warranties.

Come and See a Range of the Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Here at Big Clean, you will find a range of commercial vacuum cleaners for a range of situations. We have quiet, yet powerful vacuum machines that will make short work of the cleaning needs in any office, hotel, retail store, or aged-care facility. The low-noise levels and excellent air filtration features make these machines ideal for use in busy, round-the-clock environments. 

We also stock a number of scrubbers and dryers that let you ditch the mop and bucket, and to make better use of cleaning time. With ergonomic design and superior traction control, these machines are simple to operate - giving you more freedom and flexibility over where and how you clean. 

If you are searching for the best commercial vacuum cleaner for your needs, then we would be happy to consult with you. We can provide comparisons based on price and performance, and give demonstrations where available so that you end up with the best product solution.