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Trustworthy and Durable Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Australia

For some workspaces, the average vacuum cleaner simply won't cut it. That's especially true in environments that need to be absolutely spotless, such as medical facilities and laboratories. It's also true in places that see some truly chaotic messes on a regular basis, like primary schools! Plenty of industries need more than the domestic brands can provide; if you're in the market for a heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner, you're in the right place. Read More

At Big Clean, we're proud of two things: our friendly, reliable customer service and our usefulness to practically every industry's cleaning needs. We make sure your shopping is easy and convenient no matter where you work or what you're looking for. That includes the basics like gloves, wipes, cloths, towels, buckets, mops, brushes, brooms, and spray bottles. It also includes cleaning chemicals ranging from your basic multi-purpose spray to clinical grade disinfectants, industrial strength degreasers, and formulas meant to tackle the most heavily used and abused machinery in any factory. 

And of course, we both rent and sell commercial vacuum cleaners as well as carpet cleaners and other essential equipment. These are supplies you can trust for a proper deep clean meant to meet and surpass all the health & safety standards in your field. They're powerful enough to tackle the most difficult messes and durable enough to not take any damage when they do. We have a huge selection of commercial cleaning vacuums including backpack vacuums and wet dry vacuums.

At Big Clean, we understand the standard your business holds for hygiene. You can trust whatever we sell, including your new professional vacuum cleaner.

Demos Available for Our Professional Grade Vacuum

Sometimes, your needs are very specific. You need to be sure that the vacuum you're purchasing can get the job done. Sometimes that's a matter of efficiency, and sometimes it's about being the right size and shape to clean every cramped space necessary. In either case, you can arrange for a demo with us to test out the machine you're interested in. You can arrange this anytime during our business hours. 

Still, our physical location isn't always convenient. NSW is a big place, and nobody wants to drive two hours to test out a commercial vacuum cleaner. So, you can also arrange to have the demo at your own workplace! You can call us to arrange a time that works for you, and we'll bring the product to you so you can see how it operates in your workplace. 

Quick Delivery on your Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

We deliver fast across NSW. If you need a delivery urgently at an unusual time, just give us a call; we'll do our best to accommodate. Our great customer service means we've made deliveries at the craziest times for businesses that unexpectedly needed it. These things happen sometimes, right? 

You can also arrange for Click & Collect if that's faster or more convenient for you. We have trolleys that make it easier to carry around potentially large purchases, and we can help load your supplies into your vehicle. For any enquiries, simply fill out our form under Contact Us, and we'll get back to you right away!
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