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Versadet Neutral Floor Cleaner


  • Excellent cleaning of polished floors
  • Multi-cleaner
  • Can be used on any surface that is not affected by water
  • Emulsifies greasy soils
  • Can be used on cross-linked floor finishes
  • Can be used for manual cleaning and on machine cleaners

Why should I buy Versadet?

Versadet is a concentrated hard floor cleaner for use on any surface that is not adversely affected by water. It effectively emulsifies greasy soils and holds them in suspension. Versadet is a chemically neutral cleaner that can be used on cross-linked floor finishes. It can be used for manual and machine cleaning tasks.

How to use Versadet:

To use Versadet, dilute the solution accordingly. For light soiling, the ideal ratio is 1 part solution to 80 parts water. Continue to decrease water by half for medium and heavy soiling. For spray and wipe cleaning, the recommended ratio is 1 part solution to 10 parts water. Apply on the surface or place on the automatic floor scrubbers as usual.
Volume: 5L

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