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Tempo HD


  • Highly Concentrated Formula
  • Fast emulsification
  • Neutral pH
  • Solvent-free

Why should I buy Tempo HD?

If you are looking for a multipurpose cleaning detergent with a neutral pH level, try Tempo HD. This chemical solution is the ideal tile and hard floor cleaner as it rapidly emulsifies food, mineral, and synthetic oils. It has neutral pH and is solvent-free, thus making it safe for use on most types of surfaces. As a commercial disinfectant, it solves the usual oil and grease problems that are quite common in supermarkets, factories, and healthcare facilities.

How to use Tempo HD:

For regular hard floors, use 9 to 16 ml of Tempo HD for every litre of water. Tempo HD can be used on auto scrubbers for light to normal soil contamination. For heavy soil contamination, using a mop and a bucket is highly recommended.

To remove animal fats and food solids, which are mostly seen in food processing plants, restaurants, cafeterias and commercial kitchens, use 40 ml Tempo HD with every litre of water. Use it as an industrial kitchen cleaning agent by applying the solution using a mop, scourer, sponge, or sprayer. Thoroughly rinse the area with potable water.

Available as a carton (3 x 5L cartons)
Volume: 5L

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