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Sabco Total Hands Fee Mop Set

This Sabco Total Clean Flat Mop Set comes with an innovative, dual chamber bucket with power blade technology. This technology allows you to rinse and wring your mop hands-free for a hygienic and efficient experience. Also included is a mop and 1 microfibre pad so you have everything you need to start mopping.
  • This set comes with a dual chamber bucket, a mop, and 1 microfibre pad.
  • The mop is ideal for use on timber, vinyl, and tiles.
  • The bucket features power blade technology that allows you to effectively rinse and wring hands-free.
  • You can find replaceable mop heads using this product code: SAB37080.
  • Both the mop and bucket have slim, compact designs for easy storage.
  • The microfibre pads easily pick up dirt, dust, and grime for clean finish.
  • You can use this mop with or without cleaning chemicals.
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