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Mr Bean Air Freshener Whiteley


Mr Bean is a concentrated water-based air freshener/general purpose cleaner designed for use in healthcare, institutions, commercial buildings and many other areas. Mr Bean is designed to be an easy to use concentrated air-freshener and general purpose cleaner.
To improve residual deodourisation, spray a small amount of Mr Bean onto hard surfaces. Mr Bean can also be used directly in waste disposal and storage bins to remove unwanted odours.


  • Long lasting residual action
  • Safe on all surfaces
  • General purpose cleaner
  • Concentrated air-freshener
  • Pleasant fragrance

How To Use:

General Cleaning/Odour Control : Dilute 1 in 10 with water
In washroom and toilet areas stronger deodourisation is often required to ensure fragrances linger for 24 hours or longer. If this is the case then a concentrated alcohol air-freshener such as Florogen and/or Lavender Florogen may be required.
Volume: 5L

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