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Interclean Slant 7 Urinal Screen A BETTER ANGLE on splash prevention


  • More fragrance than any similar sized urinal screenFreshens stronger, longer
  • 6" diameterIdeal fit for smaller urinals
  • Unique double-sided slant design deflects and defuses urinePrevents installation errors and keeps floors & shoes clean
  • Low VOCEnvironmentally compliant

Interclean is pleased to introduce the SLANT 7 urinal screen. This new, individually packaged, 30-day screen prevents 99% of splash back.

The SLANT screen was specifically designed with protrusion at the perfect angle, so when urine hits it, the stream is diffused and then deflected so droplets never get beyond the urinal keeping everything cleaner.

Where to use:
Male Urinals in Schools, Universities Clubs, Restaurants, Offices, Shopping Centres & Hotels

Tech Specs:

  • Slanted fingers eliminate 99% of splash back
  • No splash on user's shoes and pants
  • No lingering urine smell...even after the restroom's been cleaned
  • Creates a pleasant experience and leaves a good impression of your facility
  • Patented high fragrance load- Freshens strong longer
  • Double sided design- both sides reduce urine splash, preventing installation errors
  • Contains beneficial bacteria that consumes odours at the source- keeps urinals and drains clean and smelling fresh
  • Recyclable- better for the planet


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