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Interclean Eclipse Eco Fresh Air Clip


  • 30% more air freshener than standard rimsticks.
  • Gradually releases air freshener over 30 days.
  • Used Clip will shrink by 30% in 30 days, to a tight fit.

The Eco Fresh Clip has been designed out of a polymer that contains fragrance oils. This polymer gradually releases the fragrance over 30 days giving your cubicle areas the fragrance lift they need.
Made of environmentally material, these 100% recyclable Clips will not dissolve in or pollute water.
They are easy to use, simply clip them over the outside of the bowl and watch them shrink as the fragrance evaporates.
They are the ideal passive air freshener for toilets in mens washroom, disabled washrooms and even ladies washrooms that can all smell a bit off at times between cleans.

Where to use:

Male Urinals in Hotels, Clubs, Retail Shops, Hotels, Food Services, School & Universities.