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EucoClean Organic Shower & Basin Cleaner


Looking for cleaning products online? Look no further: EucoClean organic shower and basin cleaner is a real gem. This miracle cleaner has natural enzymes that break down soap scum and body oils. You can also use it in grimy areas, and where lime or mould is present. It's pH neutral and 100 per cent biodegradable, and it leaves you with a fresh, clean, fragrant bathroom.

How to use:

Like many of the other cleaning products online, EucoClean organic shower and basin cleaner is a spray and wipe solution. Simply spray on bathroom surfaces: mirrors, showers, and face basins, leave for a few minutes, and wipe clean.

Why should I buy EucoClean?

There are a lot of reasons to buy EucoClean organic shower and basin cleaner. Firstly, the company is Aussie owned, and the products are Aussie made. It's also child and pet friendly, with no artificial colours, fragrances, pesticides, bleaches, and other harmful toxins. EucoClean products are not tested on animals, and are biodegradable and septic safe.

Volume: 750mL, 5L

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