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Dishrinse Machine Rinse Aid Whiteley


  • Built-in scale inhibitor
  • Ideal for hard and soft water
  • No phosphate content
  • Strong concentration

Why should I buy Dishrinse?

Dishrinse is specifically made for automatic dishwashing machines. It is a cleaning aid that neutralises water so that it disperses easily, thus ensuring quick rinsing and fast drying. It also eliminates alkali residues and keeps the ideal pH level of water throughout the rinsing cycle. Dishrinse ensures streak-free drying of all washed articles. It also eliminates the need for towel drying, controls lime scales and acts as a mild foam suppressant for dishwashers. It is used only during the rinsing phase.

How to use Dishrinse:

To use Dishrinse, simply add 1 to 2 ml of the solution to every litre of water. Then put it in dishwashers during the rinsing process. The ratio may be increased or decreased according to the load of the dishwasher. Dishrinse is best used with Dishbrite
Volume: 5L

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