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Dishbrite Dishwashing Machine Washing Detergent Whiteley


  • Inhibit scales
  • Can be used with soft and hard water
  • Phosphate-free
  • Highly concentrated

Why should I buy Dishbrite?

Dishbrite is designed for heavy duty mechanical washing. This detergent has strong alkaline concentration and is non-foaming. It is ideal for use with dishwashing machines and is highly effective on utensils made with glass or stainless steel. Its formulation is very effective against removing soils and stains. It works with hard and soft water, and prevents the formation of scales in dishwashing machines. Dishbrite guarantees quality cleaning and consistent de-staining. It also ensures better dishwashing machine performance. It rinses easily with water.

How to use Dishbrite:

To use Dishbrite, simply add 2 to 5ml of detergent to every litre of water. Pour the solution into the dishwasher. The ration may be increased or decreased depending on how soiled the items are, the preferred washing cycle and the load of the dishwasher.
Volume: 5L

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