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DEB Suprega Plus Hand Cleaner 4 Litre cartridge


  • Suprega Plus Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner
  • Removes stubborn soilings, grease, oil, grime and ink
  • Powerful solvent-free, lemon fragranced hand cleaner containing non-abrasive polybeads to assist cleaning without damaging skin
  • Conditioners keep skin supple, moisturisers prevent dryness and cracking
  • All heavy duty workshop, maintenance, industrial, engineering and mining situations
  • Deb Lime
  • Removes grease, oil and grime
  • Natural formulation of biodegradable ingredients removes the heaviest of soiling
  • Solvent-free and 100% environmentally friendly hand cleaner with natural cornmeal scrub - natural conditioners keep skin soft
  • Heavy soiling situations
  • Deb Orange HDHC with Cornmeal Scrubber
  • Pumice-free and contains conditioners which helps replace oils lost and maintains skin softness
  • Solvent-free hand cleaner with natural cornmeal scrubber
  • No petroleum solvents
  • Heavy duty workshop washroom situations
  • Dispenser Pumps
  • Plastic

Features & Benefits:

Effective - Cleaning power is derived from specially developed cleaning agents which remove a variety of soilings.

Neutral pH - Less likely to dry the skin.

Fragranced - This yellow flowing gel has a light citrus odour making it pleasant to use.

Gentle - Cares for the hands whilst the Lanolin derivatives prevent skin dryness, chapping and cracking.

Humectant - Helps to protect against dryness.

Micropolymer Granules - Deep cleaning without damaging the skin.

Volume: 4L

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