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Tile Wash Acid Tile, Grout and Stone Cleaner


For a perfectly clean kitchen and bathroom, Tile Wash Acid and Grout Cleaner is all you need. This cleaner for kitchens and bathrooms is specially formulated to remove mineral soil deposit, rust, uric acid, algae, moss, mould and mildew. It is also highly effective against chlorine staining agents and bore water stains.

Use it on porcelain and ceramic tiles in your kitchen and bathrooms. It is also ideal for surfaces like natural stones, pavers, and the like. It would also work best on badly stained stainless steel, thus effectively restoring its lost lustre and shine.  This is not your regular chemical toilet cleaner as it also has industrial uses. It works perfectly on fiberglass tanks and marine vessels, too.

Tile Wash Acid and Grout Cleaner is a multi-purpose cleaning solution that can restore the lost sparkle of different types of surfaces. 


  • Great for removing heavy duty soiling
  • Ready to use
  • Prevents organic and non-organic soiling
  • Effectively remove stains 

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